In this episode:

  • Rachel and Natalie introduce themselves and ponder on why they ‘craft’
  • Natalie talks about pop culture and knitting and discovers that she is a “Sweater Knitter” above all else
  • Rachel talks about replacing those pesky nupps with beads and tackling sleeves two at a time.

This is our first episode so we’re just working out the bumps. I nearly tore my hair out when we lost about 15 minutes of really good audio because the batteries in my Zoom recorder died out. As Rachel said, “You live and learn.”

In future episodes we want to do at least one feature segment from the following subjects:

  • Product Obsession (Review)
  • Crochet Chat
  • Stash Busters
  • DIY Nation
  • Craft Philosophy
  • Pop Culture Knits

We will probably plan more segments but we thought we’d stop for now with those.

Sylvester Stallone knits a full aran sweater overnight in Demolition Man

Show notes and links:


  • Girl’s Bike – Eric & Ryan Kilkenny
  • Anything Goes – Cole Porter

More about us:

Both Rachel and I are bloggers.


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