Paron My French Playlist

For your listening pleasure. I created this playlist for myself and my own craving for this music, but in the interim between our podcasts we thought we’d share this with you our wonderful listeners. Please note the entire track plays all the way through. I did not have time to insert markers in the audio. This is something I’m working on learning more about how to do. Thank you for your patience.  The songs below were found on the Internet Archive. Most of them are from the 1930’s or before. Note, some have been already featured in previous podcasts (see items with *) Enjoy! Natalie

  1. Django Rhinehardt – Daphne
  2. Josephine Baker – La Conga Primitive
  3. Frehel – Tel Qu’il Est
  4. French Accordion – Swing 1939*
  5. Edith Piaf – Padam Padam
  6. Django Rhinehardt – Darling Je Vous Aime Boucoup*
  7. Lucienne DeLyle – Sur Le Quais du Vieux Paris
  8. French Accordion – Swing 1939*
  9. Unknown – French Folk song
  10. Edith Piaf – Les Roses Blanches
  11. Frehel – Pepe Le Moko
  12. French Accordion – Pinsionette*
  13. Charles Trenet – Le Soleil a Rendezvous Avec La Lune
  14. Josephine Baker – J’Attendrai