Hello everyone!

This is our first chance to chat with each other via a #knitchat on Twitter and I’m looking forward to it. Everyone grab a cup of tea and a pastry, biscuit or cake. Since this the first UK/US knitchat I thought we’d keep the discussion fairly simple and focus mainly on introductions and what we’re excited about learning (knitting-wise).

Please note I’m toying with the idea of hosting a Google Hangout instead of a Twitter chat in the same time slot (Saturday 8:00 AM PST) either the end of December or the beginning of January. If you are interested in participating in this or any other Twitter chats please follow me on Twitter. I am @cloudynatknit.

If you need a primer on how #knitchat works on Twitter please refer to the “DETAILS… DETAILS” section below. I’m not sure how many folks will join but there are a lot of folks the stream of tweets could get fast. It’s okay. Sometimes even I cannot keep up, but I do read the tweets the following day using Storify or http://hashtags.org/knitchat

#knitchat discussion questions:

Q1) Introductions: Name, Location, Ravelry ID (or nickname), Website, blog, podcast, etc.
Q2) What’s currently on your needles or hook right now?
Q3) What are you excited about learning (knitting-wise)? Anything you’d like to master?


DETAILS… DETAILS… If you want to know more about what #knitchat is and how it works

  • Where: Twitter (follow the #knitchat hashtag)
  • When: UK/US – December 10, 2011 – Saturday 8:00 AM PST / 4:00 PM London time.
  • Who: Me you and other Twitter Knitters/Crocheters & Fiber-crafters
  • How: Need a primer on Twitter Chat… check this out: What does this Twitter chat thing look like?
  • How: to post photos – 5 ways to share photos on Twitter
  • How: to shorten your links. Simply paste your link into the field in http://bit.ly/ and shorten it. Copy and paste this link into the twitter feed. Some Twitter aps actually automatically shorten the links for you.