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>Episode 21

Natalie Reflects on the Knitting Progress for January.

Knitting Update:

Knitting Origins
Final Notes:
Music Featured:
Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee – Fred Warring’s Pennsylvanians
Canigas d’Agua – Axial
Silky Wool XL & the Melbourne Sweater

Episode 14

Rachel and Natalie introduce our new forum on Ravelry.  We take a look back at knitting in the 1920s and the social changes that influenced styles.  We have a long discussion of what we’ve been knitting.

Ideas for a Knit-a-long (Ravelry links):

Let us know if you have any other suggestions!  We’d love to hear them.  Contact us here, through the Ravelry forun, or email us at CloudyChanceFiber(at)gmail(dot com) (replace @ and .com, we don’t want to hear from spambots!)

1920s Knitting:


On and Off the Needles:

Music Selections

I want to be Bad – Jack Leon’s Symphonic Dance Band
Castles in the Air – Jack Denny and His Waldorf Astoria Orchestra


Episode 5

Originally released on 5/10/10

Rachel finds some really nifty knitting accoutrements while Natalie once again contemplates knitting socks after a long hiatus. Crocheting with wire turns out to be quite fun and yields gorgeous results. We take a look at knitting with plant fibers and chat with the Naked Sheep lady (a.k.a Cheri).
Plant Fibers with Cheri Clark
Stash Maintenance:
Crochet Chat:
  • Crochet with Wire by Nancie Wiseman
  • Didn’t mention it in the chat but Dava Bead & Trade in Pdx is a great source for that 28 gauge wire.  Sorry… apparently they do not carry 30 gauge.

On/Off The Needles

Episode 4

Originally Released on 3/30/10

Welcome the episode all about Dyeing yarn. We explore the idea of re-purposing yarn through dyeing as well as focusing on old unattended projects. It’s all about appreciating what you’ve got and maybe giving it a ‘brand new frock.’ 🙂

Dyeing technique & materials:
Stash Maintenance: 

BBC Comedy Gold:

  • The Good Life (Just a side note – Tom and Barbara already had paid off their house so going self-sufficient might have been more of an option :))
On the Needles: 

Music Featured:

Natalie’s Noro Silk Garden Rainbow (Buttons from the Button Emporium)* *I improvised the pattern based on your basic bottom-up cardigan.

Episode 3

Originally Released 2/21/10

This is a very delayed release of our podcast. We begin our pondering about Traditional Knitting at the Dublin Bay knitting store in the Pearl District, Portland, Oregon.

We adjourned again to our “mobile” recording studio (my car) during the Craft Philosophy segment just because it became a bit boisterous in the shop :).  Thank you again to Dublin Bay for allowing us to record. Do check out their lovely collection of yarn, fiber, and knitting resources for the knitting Anglophile.

The Podcast is a bit short of the hour we normally have, but we’re currently working on cranking out episode 4 soon.

Podcast 3 Notes-
Dublin Bay:

Penny Dog Sweater:

Turn a Square Hat:

Breakfast at Cafe du Monde fingerless gloves:

Dr Who Scarf:

Amelia Sweater:

Freyja Sweater:

Selbuvotter mittens:

Tunisian Crochet Purse:

Tunisian Crochet Class:

Gladys Thompson – Patterns for Jerseys, Guernseys, and Aran Sweaters

Country Weekend Knits:

Isager – Japanese Inspired Knits
Correction – my bad. The sweater is called Summer in Tokyo.

Knitted Lace of Estonia:

Natalie’s Ongoing Grey Fair Isle Project (Knit with Kauni)

Rachel’s Jamieson Pullover